Recognize these kits?

Those bendy legs are familiar, and the dark limbs far right too, then there is Berrengeuer

what is the question??

The question is “do you recognize these kits” ?
I am sure that the bendy legs in the middle belong to Aurora by Fiorenza Biancheri, and the dark skinny arms and legs on the right are Baylee/Brea limbs, the head above is maybe Kaya. I thought that one of the heads in front of the white body could be Serene?

The limbs below the Kaya head belong to Brea (one open hand and one fist) and the head between the two Berenguers is a Scherer baby I think.

I cannot see any that are Linde Scherer baby, although she is possibly the only one who still sells the short limbs. Her Silja “crying face” but the mouth is different:

But it has no neck; it is Berrengeur?

I think they are all different sizes of Berenguer with the exception of Kaya and the ““mystery”” frowning one.

I see quite a few Berenguer heads and limbs, and a Berjusa head. Two of the pink Berenguers on the left side look like La Newborns. I see the sucky lip Berenguer with the white body, and that might be Snookie.


I see several Berenguers and a Berjusa…also Silja by Linda Scherer (pic) and an AA Baylee by Lorna Miller-Sands

I think you are right, the paint changes the expression quite a bit; but I cannot see any limbs that would belong to her.

Silja parts

The limbs are the short ones in picture under her head (vinyl should feel/look the same) that’s why I had to dress her in long sleeves and pantaloons :blush:

Everything on that table is Berenguer except for the BB LMS kit on the top right (Brea I think?) and the one that you all think is Silja but it is not Silja. The limbs under it definitely are not Scherer limbs. The limbs above her head in the package are Knoops limbs.

But don’t you think that is a “sibling” to Silja? I bet it’s a retired sculpt. It’s not a Knoops head. and the BB is Kaya I think.

I will do some research but I do not think so.
Here’s a list with pics of the Scherer kits: Linde Sherer - All reborn kits ever made
The other one is Baylee, twin to Brea.

Chloe - SOLD JAN 2010 by Angie Jones

She reminds me of this baby I reborn long ago but I can’t remember who made the kit or its name.