RECENTLY someone requested handmade items

Does anyone recall a post asking for handmade items to be donated for a reborn doll being made for spring of 2012? I said I would make some things, now I can’t find the posting.

What do you need and what size? color? etc?

I can make an outfit but I need to know size. I am itching to try some soft leather to make some shoes. This would be a good time to try my idea. IF they work out maybe someone will want to buy some. I need foot length unless I have the kit in stock.

ok thank you I will know where to begin. I made a dress and shoes and such for my round robin in December and darn it I do not think I kept a picture of it. My person was Rose tho if you would like to look at her pics for references on my work.

Thank you for posting the picture. ?I had to get a different phone and I lost some pictures and it seems those were in it.

Thank you so much that was the first time I had made that pattern.

Thank you

Thanks so much for responding – I just lost track of who made the request. I have been busy working and have knitted a bonnet and have some other things in mind. When they are complete - how do I get them to you?

I am ready to mail the dress and jacket and shoes. I just wondered if you were going to name the baby? I will make a bracelet before I mail it off to you.