Received my Ruby awake today

I have ruby now, she is a 1st kit and bought on sale. I don’t see any visible pre paint and she is very soft.


That’s good!

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Are her flanges sturdy?

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I would say no, definitely gonna need the rings for limbs and neck. I will glue them on using e- 6000 .

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I had to do that with mine, I had to use plugs and glued my rings on with e-6000. They are still holding several weeks later, so I’m assuming they will continue to hold


Yes, the legs match up but still need rings, the arms are both different, I’m not trusting it. I’m just going to use the rings on all the limbs and neck. I never used rings for limbs before, but from now on I will. I don’t want a buyer complaining about limbs falling off.

Good to know. I am going to glue rings on the limbs of my Sage. They are so soft.

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