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@AmyR777 I am wondering as a silver member of… How often are dolls rotated through featured babies? I checked 20 times yesterday… And never saw any of mine. The only time I saw my dolls was when I first listed under just born. Please advise… I am wondering if I should renew:-)

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Nikki, only gold members are on featured section. That’s the only perk of gold.

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I’m sorry… I meant on the bottom under MORE FEATURED BABIES :smiley:

It’s the same, just more space.
This is what you get with silver.
Silver Member $9.99/month:
• All the benefits of the bronze membership.
• Your postings show on the front page of Reborns or other main pages when first posted.

Only front page when first posted.

Oh! So they never appear again when they are not just born???

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Right. Only Gold.

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Yes, only gold rotates on front page for featured babies. All others only when first posted and on adoption ,customs,video sections.

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Well that s$&ks I thought they rotated in in silver? Feature artist rotates

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Nikki, August Sage is listed under babies for adoption. They keep rotating. There’ll be a different one of your babies listed tomorrow.

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If you aren’t seeing them at all, contact David. He will fix it.

Ok… So the front page is ONLY for gold members and just born babies… I never know there was an adoption page. Huh! How bout that!

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Sorry I’m late to this, Nikki!

This is true. Keep in mind the Adoption page only has 1 baby from each nursery. So, if you have 5 babies, one will show today, another one tomorrow, etc.

How many babies will show if a gold member? And if gold, will babies show on main page and for adoption page? Where are the bronze members dolls shown?

Still only 1 baby.

Yes, the same one.

Bronze member babies show up in the Just Born section for a while and on the Adoption Page…only 1 at a time, though.

So… Bronze is pretty much the same as silver? Lol

What did you mean by… More space?

I misspoke…Bronze doesn’t get the Just Born feature.


Guess what??? I FINALLY understand!’ Lololll

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Thank you everyone!:smiley::heart:️:smiley::heart:

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