Reborns Reborns Everywhere!

I think I have a problem lol…

There I was, quietly watching a property programme and, instead of looking at the lovely home, I found myself getting excited because there were two reborn dolls lounging on the sofa! How sad is that? :laughing:


Not sad at all----I have 2 sitting in their scoop rockers on the couch as we speak!!!


Aw, thanks @lynn I feel better now xx

Wait, so you were watching a property show, and inside the property there were 2 reborns sitting on the sofa?
Yeah, I’d be excited too!!!


I think that REBORNs are becoming more familiar in many places that never knew of them before…!!..that is a Good thing because we will continue to be able to REBORN for a new market all the time…!! yes, I would have been excited to see those 2 REBORNs like you were…after all…it is what we do…!..and to see them more and more, is exciting…!..:slight_smile:

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I’m pleased you would all have been excited too (hugs)

@Sydster yes, they were inside the property, sitting on the sofa, one at each end. I thought it was awesome!

I did wonder though, whether I would have noticed them so easily if I wasn’t a reborn artist? x


I also have one of my favorite reborns sitting on my family room sofa in a bouncy seat.

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Probably NOT, most people that aren’t familiar with the art would probably just think they were kids dolls.

LOL! Babies, babies everywhere would be lovely! I think we would all love to see more people accepting reborn doll collecting as normal instead of as weird. Any other collection seems to get accepted. No one thinks a man is weird for having sports memorabilia sitting around.


Hi have Grant in the living room in his baby bed…and who ever goes by near him says something to him…ha ha …( it is only me and the kids )


I currently have Fridolyn perched on the back of the sofa, Aloenka standing on the corner unit holding Christmas lights and tinsel, and my second Dakota curled up on a blanket on the same sofa as Fridolyn x