Reborn's fingertips turning Blue - Why?

Hello! I’m new to this forum. I love reading everything and order so much from BB, but have never actually had a question to ask…until now.

On my reborns I do a very light blue mottling layer right after my initial skin layer. It’s barely visible and I don’t do the fingers or toes.

A couple of people have said that the baby’s fingertips or tips of their toes are turning blue! Can anyone help me figure out why this happens? Is it clothing changes? The smudges are too big to be paint, and a brighter blue.

Thank you!

Is there a picture?

I would assume they have dye transfer from clothes, socks, tights, or blankets…

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This is a picture (I hope it uploaded correctly).

Any suggestions on how to remove the stains if they are from clothing?

I haven’t used it but others often say acne cream.

My daughter’s doll gets that all the time. I finally figured out its due to transfer from HER clothes. She’ll carry the baby around cuddled in her arms while she’s wearing a blue shirt and the baby’s hands and feet look like this. The worst time was when she worn a new unwashed navy blue dress. The baby’s right arm and leg were completely blue. I’ve always been able to get it off with acne cream. Just use any kind of acne cream with 10% benzoyl peroxide, rub a thick layer on the stain, and set the baby in a sunny window for a day or two. When you wipe it off, the stain should be gone.


Thank you! The girl’s mom just told me that her daughter is wearing a blue coat and carrying the reborn around, and noticed the blue getting worse. Phew, I’m just glad it wasn’t something I did…


That was happening to reborns that I was handling a lot and letting others at shows handle. I now seal my dolls and take extra care in sealing and curing fingers and toes.


I dont buy any dark baby clothes, hats, socks, mitts, headbands or blankets, just in case.

Try OXY10 acne cream or any other acne cream with the same active ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide at 10%.

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Wash clothes that have indigo or other blue dyes before putting on baby doll!

I had this happen to one of my customers as well. The little girl had a black jacket and carried the baby everywhere. Not only did her fingers and toes turn black, but her face did as well. I read about the acne cream online and told her about it, but we were both too scared for her to try it because we thought it would take more than just the blue off. Has anyone actually tried it to see how it affected the paint on the doll? With it being on the face the whole doll would have been ruined if it took the actual reborn paint off as well, not that the baby looks very pretty with a blue face either.

People recommend the acne cream specifically because it doesn’t affect the paint underneath. But I’d always try it in an area that isn’t as visible, first.

Yes, I tried it many time on various stains, and even leaving it on for few days with stubborn stains, the paint is not affected. It also got biro (ballpoint pen) out of white vinyl Danish chairs that my daughter got as a “bargain” on eBay; the drawings were there obviously for years and all over the chairs; but it came out, and the chairs ended up perfect and worth 5x what she paid. I do not have any pics of painted kits, but I did use it number of times on finished dolls too.
Here is how it got stains out of unpainted kit:

I’m not sure about using it on air dry paints but I use GHSP and it takes off the stain and doesn’t damage the painted surface at all. It’s a common thing to happen and I’ve started recommending on my care sheet that I include with each doll to keep a receiving blanket between the vinyl surfaces and any dark clothing or accessories the person carrying it may be wearing. Printed surfaces can transfer ink to the doll as well. I’m just glad someone figured out that Oxy10 takes stains off!