Anyone using this site and, if so, have you sold on there?


Yes I have used the site. My reborn hasn’t sold yet and it’s been about 3 weeks. But reborns are being sold and I think it is worth a try to get it up and going so we will have alternatives to ebay. To list there you do need a website with a link back to That helps launch the site closer to the top of google searches, hence more traffic to the site when someone is searching for reborns.

I sold cozy in about 2 weeks !!! Jullianna and Matti Rae are still waiting

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Want to sell but couldn’t link so no go. He is trying to battle 10million hits a day (eBay) by linking a few websites. It is just creating headache and exiling those who CANT link or it won’t work. It’s a bummer but what can ya do.

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I didn’t have a website at the time I had heard of it so I went to and opened a free one. Have you tried there?

I want to start listing on there but need to wait until after my doll show on March 25, 2012.