Hi Everyone! I’ve just joined, as recommended by many of you, and I’m wondering what helps your sales there? Do you have any great tips for a beginner seller of that site?


I’m fairly new there also I would say be patient. I had 4 babies listed for over 2 months with nothing then I list number 5 and sold 1 then 5 days later sold the one I just listed. I think people look all over then come back and look I think they just have to get used to you being ther, before they feel comfortable buying from you.


…just following…I’m curious.

Post all of the 20 pics that are allowed…good, clear pics and be sure to fill out the info so that if someone does a search, they’ll find your baby. Also, if you ever sold on Ebay, it helps to list your feedback there, I guess – I say this because I show mine but no one has ever told me they bought a baby because of my 100% positive Ebay feedback, so I can’t really be sure, but I figured I was new so it can’t hurt. Be sure to mention all the fine details regarding your baby, for ex. magnetic pacifier, 3/4 vinyl arms, full legs, nostrils opened or painted to look as if they are, show a picture of the doll undressed to show what the body looks like, be sure to mention what kind of mohair you’ve used or if there are scented wafers in the baby or not. I can’t think of anything else now but if I do I’ll come back and edit.

GOOD LUCK! :thumbsup: