pre-owned dolls any thoughts

I find all the pre owned dolls on
rather irritating, tonight there are 1,022 listed dolls, every time I look there are many more pre owned dolls! It is hard enough getting a doll on the front page even with spending extra money. Now I admit I haven’t added many of my own new dolls listed lately because of my health, it may be sour grapes on my part.I just wonder if Dave should allow pre owned on this sight. What are your thoughts? I really don’t understand why someone would buy used dolls ( strong word) with the prices being asked rather high or very high and I don’t believe the painter is even told I may be wrong with that? just wondering what you think about this?

Also, I guess Dave is never update the colors on the sight, so ugly in my opinion!
I reall


It’s annoying me, too. It’s starting to look like a second hand store. I didn’t mind when I saw one once in awhile, but now it seems like some people are buying reborns for the sole purpose of reselling them at a higher price and I’m seeing that more and more. It does affect how often my dolls are shown on the front page and that bothers me, too. My dolls are taking longer to sell than they used to. As far as the colors on the site-as long as my dolls sell there, and people keep using the site, it doesn’t matter to me what colors are used and… we have to remember a man chose them.


Yeah I agree about the sight colors I was really just feeling irritated about the general way things are going.

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It seems like the site is being taken over by ‘pre-loved’ dolls, but I don’t know what can be done about it. There’s just so many of them. Maybe there should be separate categories for new and pre-loved with each category having their own front page.


Yes I was wondering about that too, I really don’t get why folks are buying the pre owned unless they are a Limited Edition that they can’t live without. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case.


I dislike it also… I do not think second hand should mix with new.

If alternatives (new and legit kits) cant be on the front page (right now - he plans to add a button on the front page to include alternatives if you want) then pre owned shouldnt either.

But I felt they shouldnt be there before the alternative issue… :confused:


To me it is no different than going to buy clothes at the store and there is yard sale items mixed in the rack…


I had not been to the site for 5 months and then renewed last month. I was shocked. At times nearly all of the spots for just listed babies on the front page were occupied by pre-loved dolls. It seems there are several collectors there now who buy dolls, keep for a very short time like days and sell. I can see where they are customers for artists and that is good, but I don’t like that they are listed under that “our artists” tab.

All the pre-loved listings takes away from reborns being a gallery for art dolls and it is more like a fixed price eBay type thing. I know Dave likely views anyone who pays the same and I get that, but I wish there was a distinction between artist membership and collector. I also know some are both but it is different to once in awhile list something you did not paint and never listing anything you painted.


It would be good if the pre owned dolls were in a different section. Mixing them gives off more of a yard sale vibe, where as if it were all artists work it would be a more professional vibe. I feel like a customer would look on eBay for a previously owned doll, and on for a new doll from a collection of professional artists nursery.


100% agreed.

I had been off of reborns for months, just got back on a few weeks ago and felt like I was trying to sell a new doll in the middle of Goodwill. My listing was bumped off of the front page so fast by them.

I seriously doubt Dave would care about any of this. He just cares that they pay the $20 a month.


I noticed that also with pre-loved dolls on the site. I have nothing against pre-loved dolls. As a buyer, I want to see newly painted dolls by the artist. If pre-loved dolls are being sold, shouldn’t the original artist be given a percentage, like a copyright? I don’t know. Just my thoughts.


I am feeling the same way as most you about the pre-loved dolls. The site is being overrun IMO.


I agree with everyone that the pre-owned should be separate. I do wonder though when do you consider it pre owned when you are the artist? Let’s say you paint a doll and keep it for a year, but it’s still in perfect condition, do you sell it as pre owned knowing the condition is the same as when you first completed it?

Maybe the difference is I am the artist vs I am not the artist. I believe that is how it is set up when listing a doll, if you aren’t the artist it automatically puts it as pre loved. It would be nice to have a separate section of listings for those who are not the artists and just reselling others work.


Yes and with the aesthetic of it.
Dave don’t know what he’s doing. Seriously. He is trying to get everyone happy but have no clue.



It doesn’t look nice at all. You know how we (most of us anyway) try to take really nice, professional looking pictures?
A lot of people reselling dolls don’t. They probably don’t have the set up or experience to do it like we do.

So previously the front page of reborns would be full of these professional looking photos. It made the site look professional. Now it’s full of all kinds of crazy looking stuff, which is adding more to the thrift store look.


Totally agree with you. And he is all about front page looking uniform…(you know with the watermark thing…)


To me that counts as new. It’s the first time it’s being sold. And I assume you’re talking about one that has been stored properly. If you make one and carry it around for a year and then sell it, yes, it should be listed as preloved. But painted and stored with other dolls you have listed for sale would mean it’s still new. No difference in that and a doll that’s been on the site for 8 months waiting for a buyer.


I may be in the minority here but I don’t mind the preowned dolls. I have some preowned dolls listed myself as I collect them as well as make them. I always take good pictures and list the artist of the doll. If the site is for selling reborns I don’t really see the issue with preowned ones being on there :woman_shrugging: I hate selling on eBay with all the scammers and buyers remorse going on so I list them there. But I can understand how from an artists perspective it can be annoying.


Dave has the feedback on the colors, I think he has someone working on that. I think his priority is managing the platform and keeping it safe. I personally don’t like the colors, font, or design but it is very recognizable, with all the scam sites out there you kinda know you are in the right place, and has become his branding in a way.

This hobby/art form has many layers. Trading and selling up is part of it. When my dolls were resold I felt awful at first, when they sold for a little more I felt conflicted. I learned that collectors may sell off part of their collection to fund a new purchase. Some even invest in early work in hopes of making a little profit later on.

To me they are personal, mostly because when I started the people I sold to had emotional attachments to their babies, used them for therapy.

I now understand there are all kinds of buyers.

Edit: I didn’t realize pre-owned dolls didn’t have their own tab until now, never noticed.

I wouldn’t worry about dolls being resold, there are plenty of people looking for a good deal but a lot of people who still desire a very personal baby too.

Every time I am sure this reborn thing is oversaturated I am proven wrong.

I really thought China would kill reborns but I think they may be attracting their own brand of buyer?

As long as this art form and it’s artists keeps improving and evolving I think we will be ok.

Hope I am right, I have a million sculpts to paint.

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The only thing I think is wrong to me personally is that he create a new category for Alternatives but not for pre-loved. I , first, don’t think it’s fair, second, I think it defeat the purpose of a uniform front page as it was it’s goal.