Reborns. com Password Issue

I got a free account at Reborns about five months ago. I went to sign in and it is not recognizing my password. It worked before, but after not signing in for about four months it doesn’t seem to be working. Does this mean Dave booted my account? Do I have to sign up for another one or do I have to just contact him about the password not working?

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Mine stays logged in so I havent had this issue but I would email Dave. You shouldnt be banned for not logging in.


Hmm, I have free account for 2 years now, but I never logged out.

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Thanks you, that’s good to know.

My computer browser automatically logs me out when I close out of it. It’s a high security browser that reduces hacking. So, I have to sign in each time I go to Reborns if I’ve rebooted the browser recently. This time it wouldn’t recognize my password. :frowning:


Just contact him, he will send you the correct password.

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