'm losing it. HELP!

A few days ago, I put my 1st baby on I set up my account, filled out all the information, uploaded the pictures, they were automatically resized, clicked submit. Done. Not a hitch. For the last 3 days I’ve been trying to add a second one. Everything’s fine until I try to upload the pictures. Pics are the same sizes as the first ones. When I’m done, and click submit, I get a message that says ‘enter only the height of your item’. Clicked on link to pic resize. Followed Amy’s step by step directions. Them I got a message on that site that says ‘sorry, only jpg, gif, png and bmp are supported’. Jpg was in the appropriate box. I’ve tried everything. Just width, just height, both, neither, deleting it all and starting over. Nothing works. I even emailed Dave @ Twice. Got no response. Do I have bad karma? I really need to get more of my dolls online. I’m at a loss as to what to do.

It must be bad karma. I tried to go to and got lol. I really appreciate your offer, and I may take you up on it once, but I have 15-20 babies to put on there so I have to be able to do it myself.

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Have you been able to get the pics up, @jeanhai?

Not yet. Still trying.

I FINALLY figured it out! Apparently the length has to be a whole number. I had put in 17 1/2 inches. She has bent legs. When I changed it to 18, problem solved. Thanks for all your help and suggestions.


YEA!!! :grinning: :dancer: