hi everyone
i just listed my first baby on

how long does it typically take for your babies to sell?

Anywhere from a few hours to weeks. My average is like 3-7 days, but they do sometimes sit for 2 or 3 weeks. I don’t worry about it and keep painting. They all sell eventually.


Mine range from a day to about 60 days. They do seem to sell in spurts though. If one sells, chances are another one will sell within several hours.

Once I sold one in an hour! Usually they sell within a week. If I’m asking a high price it usually takes longer. Some sit what feels like forever. It all depends on the doll. Or also on the time of year. If it’s christmas time you’re guaranteed to sell your doll within days :+1:

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That guarantee doesn’t work for me. I’ve never sold a baby over the holidays. I don’t know why. I even upgraded to gold membership and didn’t sell a single one.

Thanks for your insight ladies :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve sold within an hour and I have others sitting weeks. One thing I have also found true for me is the spurt. Last weekend I sold three in three days. Hope this helps. Have patience. It’s hard sometimes.