Reborns accessories section

There are some real goodies available in the accessories section of right now. I snagged myself a Nixon and a Puddin. There’s an Atticus there if anybody with a larger budget than mine is interested in him.

I don’t mean to be a bad influence, but…:heart_eyes:


I have been watching that Nixon. I was probably going to end up buying him tomorrow (payday.) You just saved me from spending money. :wink:


Someone has a blank April listed for $300 too! That’s almost unheard of right now lol. If I haven’t already went over my limit (way over :woman_facepalming:) for the month I would definitely be getting her.


His little wrinkly face had me in love. I adore babies with forehead wrinkles. He won’t he painted until I improve my skill a ton though. I don’t want to mess him up.

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