Reborning tutorials

Does anyone have any recommendations for a reborn tutorial for painting that “just born” look? I love this style and keep stripping kits trying to achieve it lol.
I am on Sue Ellens patreon and I’ve watched some of her video tutorials on it, but i much prefer written tutorials. I cant seem to stay focused during the video ones.

I don’t know of any so can’t help there, but could you take notes as you watch and then paint?

I don’t know of any tutorials beside Sue Ellen’s, but I can try to answer questions if you want to achieve this look. I’ve done it successfully quite a number of times recently. I use GHSP.


Go to dolls by sandie. There are a good many very reasonably priced tutorials. One is for newborns.

ETA: The newborn one is only $15 right now. :slight_smile:

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Gorgeous :star_struck: What colors do you use to achieve the look on the hands and feet?

I assume a preemie could or maybe painted as just born. Nevertheless, check out her video series painting a preemie.

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What newborn look are you envisioning specifically? I feel like different people have different ideas on the newborn look, and rightly so because there are different skintones in the newborn range. A just born baby vs. a 2 hour old baby vs. a 2 day old baby will all have different skintones. Also, some people consider a 1-2 month old a newborn. It would help to know what skintone you are going for.

I personally love the red newborn look, probably because that is what my newborns looked like. The picture below is a group of cuddle babies I did recently, the newborns are circled in yellow, but the baby circled in red could be considered a newborn skintone by some. I was going for the look of a 1 month old baby with that one. @Peachtree posted some beautiful examples too!

Edited because I forgot to say, different races will sometimes have different newborn skintones as well.


When I am blue shading, I wash the hands and feet with Phthalo blue 02 and continue reborning as usual. If I don’t get the purplish color tone that I’m shooting for by the time I’m done, I wash them in Q. Magenta 02.

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I love the red look that you have on your two cuddle babies.

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