Reborning the oldies but goodies

@EmilyBB what’s your thoughts about updating photos of some of the older kits? Techniques have improved significantly in the last couple of years so my guess is that some of the babies will look very different if reborned again. Just a suggestion but it could also be a lot of fun. What’s your thoughts? Merry Christmas by the way.

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Since all the artist gets for reborning the Kit is a free kit and the money the auction generates, you probably wouldn’t find a lot of “name” artists that would be willing to take on an old sculpt that is an open edition.

They wouldn’t have to get someone to do it as a prototype. I would just take current photo submissions of those who wish to have some free advertisement of their work and pick a really nice baby from one of those.


That’s exactly what I was thinking.

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I agree.

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They could run it similar to how they run the contests. It would encourage people to purchase the kit and reborn it. Would be fun to see the changes.