Reborning rut

Hello fellow doll ladies. Its been a while since I have posted here. I have searched the discussion board here for some advice but so far I have not seen a post that I could find, that Is close to what I would like to discuss and hopefully try and get some advice on.

I am currently stuck in what I think is a reborning rut. I have a couple of orders and I have a couple of reborns that I need to complete but I just don’t seem to quite like the way they look, or don’t quite like the way they turned out. I will explain my reasons why further into my post.

Generally reborning for me is mostly fun. I took on a task to paint a kit for someone that should have been painted in my vision. Throughout the process I provided some progress pictures and the client bought a couple of babies while I was painting hers. She then sent me a message saying " please make sure that the baby has lifelike bruising, texture like my new baby. I did end up stripping the head because I just didn’t like how it turned out, even though it was probably fine. I did go ahead and finish rooting the head as well. I did start to add the texture to the baby but the method that it was done wont exactly be quite like her other baby. I guess what I’m trying to say is that a simple painted kit has now turned into painted, rooted and down right custom painting. The reborn has gone from dark to not so dark and it has made me really slow my roll on rolling the dolls out.

Its like I have absolutely hit a brick wall with no recourse. It’s strange how someone can suck the life out of the joy of reborning. I have other reobrns that are in progress but because I can’t seem to finish or even like the one, I’m having a problem with finishing and liking the ones that I have started. I do have a few that needs to be rooted as well.

To make it a little clearer on what’s going on in my doll room I will list the dolls that I’m working on and the problem=what still needs to be done.

I have harlow- fully painted*-started micro rooting- (months put to the side)
Charles- fully painted beautifully painted (started micro rooting, months ago put to the side)
Emmy- partially painted limbs only need some details and one more coat of paint, head fully painted and 3/4 rooted (have a buyer-can’t seem to finish her)
Gertie-(enjoy painting this kit no problem so far
Maya- LDC Vinyl- supposed to be painted in my vision, customer decided to send me a message and say that she wants her to be like the prototype picture- (Now stuck just looking at her and tweaking her color because I had another vision for the painting- now thinking about stripping the kit after painting 3 coats)
One of the old twin kits (fully rooted, don’t really care for the kit, I think the kit would look better painted a lighter color, struggling to move forward and complete the kit and send it off)

I have many more in process. I hope that I can find a way to get myself out of this rut. I’ve found that I really enjoy painting but the rooting is taking a lot out of me lately. Maybe someone can take a look at this partial list and give me some guidance. I’m really struggling with myself and trying to find a way to pick up and move forward.

Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:


Sorry you’re dealing with this. I read your entire post and this is what stands out to me. At this point, I’d refund her and tell her to contact THAT ARTIST if she wants her doll to looks like that.

I refuse to try and copy anyone else’s work, as IF there would be a remote possibility that I could, I simply would not.

As a side note, I have a major problem with people who save pics of reborns by artists who command (and deserve!) the big bucks and expect me to duplicate the doll for them for 1/3 the price. Not happening.

As for your list, one at a time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Reborning is supposed to be FUN!



I sort of did this and finally finished one this weekend so I think I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I just had too many firers going at one time and got over whelmed with life and trying to do to much. I’m going to help someone make a doll for her daughters Christmas present starting today so I’m going to take one of my started babies and work did by side with her. Maybe that will help me. I will never again have more than two at a time going. It feels good to finish one up and get it all dressed. So you finish one up that has a buyer then go to the next one. Keep it up till you finish it up.


The rooting is always torture for me. I have 3 heads partially rooted. Makes me not want to complete them.


Some of them I don’t mind rooting, others I hate. Mary sat here partially rooted for about 2 months. I finally decided yank the rooted hair out and throw a wig on her and list her for sale. She sold in two days. Not as much profit as a rooted baby. But a lot more profit than a partially rooted baby taking up space. Now I can send her on her way and move on to other kits. :wink:


What kit is she? Beautiful.

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Thanks. That’s Mary by Olga Auer…aka “problem child” in this household. The wig was a wise decision to get her out so I can move on to stress-free babies. :wink:


If you love the painting part of reborning, maybe try painted hair for some of them?


If only I could learn. I’ve tried it plenty of times and I can not seem to get it quite right. I need some good tutorials… I can’t draw a lick lol. Im not sure if that’s the problem.


Hey it’s me lol! I bought her to Reborn me as a baby, I love your baby so much, I hope I can do as well.

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I hear you. I just been playing around with them for hobby, trying to do them as gifts. My problem is not finishing them because they are not what i expect out of myself.
Trying to get myself in gear and get advice for selling, but feel like I’d be better off smacking my head against a brick wall. Either, I overthink things or overthink things;. Yet, if i didn’t, I would hear about i from everyone, family included. Just trying to do things the right way. So, I think you should do what makes you happy and don’t anything for others. Make them come to you for your work and if they don’t then so be it. At least you will be happy with yourself.


She is so beautiful. But, as I have said before, you always do great work! I did a strange thing today. :slight_smile: I was working on my Grant kit. I needed to put a dark flesh layer on him. (I use WaterBorne in case anyone is wondering about the color names). So, I knew i also needed to cover the legs as well. The arms are done already to this point. So, I made up a bigger batch. I put the right amount of paint drops in, then the slo-dri and water. So, I put the paint on the sponge and begin to paint. It felt draggy. And I noticed it was looking an awful color. Then, it hit me – I had not put in the right amount of slo-dri and water for the amount of paint drops I had used. So, I tried to get some of it off with the alcohol. No go. I finally just mixed up the purple/lilac under color and put that on his head. It looks a lot better, but I still need to as some more layers. I am happy that I do not have to strip him! Of course, I paint for myself – I only have to please me.


I can’t help. I’m having reborner’s block myself. I have 2 completed babies that I was perfectly happy with and that I now think aren’t good enough to list without changes. I have 2 half rooted and 3 that need minor touch ups before listing them. I hate doing photo shoots because I’m not good at them. I find them tedious and time consuming. I really need the money, but do I do any of it? Nope. I go read a book. LOL


I don’t do customs because of the stress alot of reborners have expressed feeling. I think we all go through periods of being in a rut with this hobby. After I got sick this past April, I had no desire to paint. I had always loved just going in my room I reborn in but did not even care about that. Months went by and one night I made myself get a couple of babies ready to paint. They sat there for a few weeks waiting on their paint. Not sure what hit me but I painted all night and the next day. Now I am at it again. I dressed all my keepers in their Christmas clothes, ordered a bunch of supplies and was loving it again. Then today, I found out that I am going to have to have surgery next week and I am so hoping that my urge to reborn will not get squashed again. I can’t imagine having all to do that you have but I would agree just get one completed and then move on to the next one. I bet you will feel better more and more after each baby finished.


Good luck with your surgery, sending prayers.

Good luck and praying for your quick recovery.

Best of luck with your surgery; wishing you a speedy recovery!

Hope you have a speedy recovery and get back to your painting quickly!

Ha ha I hear ya. Same here. Although I am making a real effort to finish a couple of free loaders.

Custom orders in general, suck the life out of you! I was in your position only 18 months ago, and I decided no more! I now only reborn the kits I like, the way I feel like it, and in my own time, and only once - I refuse to rehash a creation. And you know what? I enjoy reborning again. I’ve taken to only rooting one head out of five. The rest are left bald, pencilled or painted. And here’s the surprise … My dolls are snapped up by the first client who sees them, and they never quibble over the price!! Go figure!

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