Reborning old Berjusa doll

I have a nice old Berjusa doll that I gave my daughter 30+ years ago. The arms and legs must be glued to the cloth body. Since this doll is so old and legs are glued to the body, what do I do to prepare for reborning. I love this doll and would like to reborn it. Suggestions, please.

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Blue washes will tone down the orange tint of the older Berjusa vinyls. Be aware it can smell really strong when heat setting these older dolls so VENTILATE well. I prefer to do all my heat setting on my screened back porch so if you have an outside place do bake it is best.

If you are going to give her a new body, you would cut the cloth above the limbs. When you fill the limbs with weighting, you will need to leave a section unfilled at the top on each limb and fill each of those sections with E6000 glue. Prop each limb up to dry for several days until that is cured hard.

Here is a photo from TNGUN website tutorial

showing glue in the end

Of course you will not have the vinyl over the top nor a flange. Once that dries, you can then run a thin bead of E6000 around the end of each flange and place the cloth body part/cable casing over the top of the glue bead. Cinch down your cable ties very snug and leave several hours to fully dry/cure. Finish the baby when this is cured.

Can you post a picture without the clothes on. I did a few of these years ago when this is all we had to work with. I think they may be sewed on. Angie has pretty much covered how to finish the limbs and attach them to a new body. If you don’t want to glue them to the new body create a ‘flange’ on the end of the limb with a single bead of E6000 and let it dry hard. Cinch the ziptie down very tight just on the other side of it. The limbs can’t slip out of the fabric.
This is the very sweet Mary face. I have a few of her heads in my stash.

I have done several of the Bereguer (formerly Berjusa) kits meant for reborning. The major differences between them and the play dolls is that the kits don’t have the hair grooves and the limbs attach like any other reborn kit. Otherwise the limbs are the same. However, I don’t really like the limbs that come with the kits, because they look too much like dolly limbs. Instead, I use BB limbs. Libby/Fei Yen limbs work great for the 20-21 inch dolls. I use BB’s #1273 body. Here’s a Berenguer
Sleeping Munchkin I did about 18-months-ago. The Libby Limbs look more realistic.

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Did you leave the grooves in the hair and just paint over them?

The Berenger kits don’t have the grooves. Their heads are smooth. However, Jorja Pigot did an awake Berenguer about 2-years-ago. It was a play doll. She sanded the grooves before she painted the hair. She also used Libby Limbs. That’s where I got the idea.