Reborning life hack

This is a life hack I use but don’t see other artists using.
White pipe cleaners! I use them with my bodies for temporary closures. They’re great when you want to see how a body fits but there are already clasped zip ties, or bodies with strings that won’t stay in a bow! Or bodies without anything at all!
Best of all they’re reusable, and because they’re white they don’t stain! I wouldn’t keep them on long term but they’re great for a quick look at a body fit :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I never have thought of this, I’m sure this will be helpful :blush:

That is a great idea! I would not have thought of that either/.

great idea!

That’s an awesome idea!! Thanks

That is a great idea, very useful tip that I will totally use! Thank you! :heart:

That’s brilliant. Thank you!

Looooove this!! Thank you!

Nice! that is awesome.

That is a great idea. Now, I have an excuse to go back to Hobby Lobby! :slight_smile:

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Nice tip! Brilliant! Thanks for sharing

Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing!

That’s a wonderful idea for when you need to see the baby together but your not totally ready to assemble- brilliant!! Thank you

Awesome tip! thanks for sharing! I will use that!

Definitely using this! Thank you for the tip!