Reborning Lessons...Also, AA Tutorial Now Available :)

Hello everyone! If you live in the St. Louis area, I am now offering private reborning lessons in my home. The sessions are 5 hours for $75. All you need to bring is a doll kit, and some mohair. The 5 hour session is yours to cover what you want…if you want to only go over rooting the entire time, we can do that…if you want to go over putting your doll together, etc. we can do that…or we can paint your doll together from start to finish and then go over the basics of rooting. I have plenty of paint, brushes and other supplies, so no need to bring any of that. If you are interested, please pm me or email me at Thanks everyone! I already have a couple of people coming over, and I am so excited to help them out and to make some new dolly friends! I just wanted to see if there was anymore interest since I haven’t done any advertising or anything Thanks everyone!

Oh gosh -

I wish there was someone doing this in the mid Hudson Valley of New York State


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Im not in need of private lessons right now but I was possibly interested in your new AA tutorial…I couldnt find it on Etsy, can you post a link please? THANKS!

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Hi Kim! I haven’t listed it yet because for some reason, my PDF converter isn’t converting the file to a small enough size It’s 15 MB, which is too big to email…and when I try to make it smaller, it converts the tutorial to only 2 MB, which makes the pictures way too grainy. I’m still trying to figure it out, but once I get the file the correct size, then I’ll be able to list the tutorial I’ll be sure to make a sales post once I have it fixed. Thanks so much for your interest Kim! Here is the baby that I used to make the tutorial…

He still needs hair lol!

I would be interested in your AA tutorial too. Please let us know.


Thanks so much to those who responded to me about the private lessons…I’m excited to meet you and reborn dolls together!
Also, thank you all for your interest in my new tutorial…I am working on getting the file to the correct size…and then I will be sure to let everyone know when it’s ready!

Ok everyone, thanks so much for your interest in my new tutorial I’ve finally gotten the file situated and it has just been released! You can find the information about it here:

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Your Ava Raine is gorgeous!

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Thank you so much!! I am really glad that you like him! I so excited to get him finished…I may not be able to part with him lol!