Reborning is a heck of a job

As a group of artist we need to support each otherand spread the word.Maybe a buyer will get to know a little bit about you.And purchase a doll in the future.So many beautiful artist on here that are very supportive.Just want to thank all the artist that supported me on the forumn.Ive seen so many artist that have been torn apart by friendly nice people that bought their dolls.Try to keep the dolls slander their name.Also take close pictures of their work and publicly ridiculed them.It doesnt shock me at all how many people demand them for free.But I guesx its part of the buisness and the show must go on.ladies lets keep uplifting and supporting each other on the forumn.God bless.


I have dealt with two past customers like the ones you speak of. One wanted a doll for a special occasion and the postage took longer than anticipated. She was so mad she demanded a full refund. But refused to return the doll to me. Since she refused to send the doll back i refused to refund her.
She has aince slandered me all over the net. I still get people asking about it and it was 3 years ago

I had to get a lawyer to get her to leave me alone.

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No customers yet just family so far!


So real it happen to me.When they too rushy I run the other way.

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