Reborning Ashton Drake and Paradise Galleries dolls

I have purchased a PG and am thinking about getting an AD to reborn. The PG, I really would like to just add some depth, creases and blushing to, do I have to strip totally or can I just clean her good, prime and add paint? If I get the AD, I will just strip all the way down.
If it helps with advising me, I use air dry paints.


If you clean and then prime it the PG should be fine to paint over. Then final seal when done.
The Ashton Drake dolls are a different vinyl so sometimes they will take air dry paints well and sometimes not. Typically, AD dolls take Genesis paints better but I have known Debbie Henshaw to paint an Emily using the MGDolls RebornFX paints.

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Thank you Angie! You’re the best!

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I’d love to get my hands on a reasonably priced AD Emily.

I dont know what a good price is but there is one listed on Mercari for $70


I reborned an AD without removing the paint. I did remove the eyebrows. I cleaned real good and painted with Genesis. The doll sold rather quickly.

Is this the AD Emily?

@jeanhai is this what you want?

My granddaugher has one that came apart after a yesr. The breathing thing broke and I can’t fix it or put it back together like it was. My granddaughter is upset so I ordered another it’s breathing thing was horrible loud. I gave up.

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I reborned a PG doll without any issues. The doll body was stuffed with polyfill and a couple of bags of sand, limbs/head with polyfill. The paint was very easy to remove w/acetone. I took apart my daughters AD doll and the head was reinforced with some hard cement type material on the inside. I don’t know if all AD dolls have this hard material inside of the head but I couldn’t enhance her doll with genesis paints.

It is. Thank you.

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