Reborning an old craft doll

Has anyone ever reborned a Syndee Craft doll from the 90’s? I was wondering if you could bake that vinyl.

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I had to look it up, lol! That looks like it is going to be a fun project!

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I saw one that had a perfect mischievous look for my elf on the shelf cuddle baby.


Now me,being lazy,think that I would use that head exactly as it is.It just screams elf on the shelf to me.A little painted hair and he would be ready to get up to all kinds of mischief for me. lol


I was thinking about using it the way it is also…lol. If it would take the heat, I wouldn’t mind trying to reborn it.


That is the cutest head for an Elf on the Shelf.


I am pretty sure it would melt in heat. If it were me, I would leave it as is and enhance it with air dry paints by giving it more rosy cheeks and a more berry lip and mouth color. I favor RebornFX paints for this but you could use Golden Fluid Paints just as well. Get some Fluid Matte Medium to prime the whole thing first. Then mix a drop or two of fluid matte medium and distilled water in with the paints to thin them. Seal the whole thing with an air dry matte varnish of your choice. Golden Polymer Matte Varnish is good.


Are you able to cut a small piece from the flange and try that in the oven?

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When I get it, I will try. Thanks, good idea.