Reborning aint easy

Just wanted to say to everybody up here.As long as you do your best that’s all that count.You ever thought you finished a doll then take a picture…then…boom…you didn’t miss a spot you damn near missed the whole doll.But it’s all good as long as your doing what you love SO WHAT YOU BURNED A COUPLE OF FINGERS…DOLL CROSS EYED…PAINT WeT AND DRY AT THE SAME DAMN TIME
.Sometimes you want to dump the doll in the trash like I wanted to do Dumplin…BUT I’m not going to bring her up.Just a crazy memory…So what you can’t spin the wheel on a doll head.Rooting look like tooten…Shading shades off and after all that the damn doll face look crooked.But I still do it even though the eyelashes have me wanting to run to the restaurant Golden Corell and end it…lol


I feel your pain, I just keep pushing forward. Mistake so what, this is just doll number one, and he has a lot of boo boos but his new Mom, (my daughter loves him, cause her Momma made him. :scream:


I love reading your post’s. You always make me laugh when I read the words it’s almost like I can hear the attitude you would say it with :slight_smile:


You are cracking me up…don’t know if that was your intention, but my mood is lifted considerably…I’ll pray for you not to go to Golden Corral…LOL


Wait! What? Let that girl go to Golden Corral, get a belly full :rice::cookie::cake::dango::poultry_leg::pizza::strawberry:and start all over again. :stuck_out_tongue: