RebornFX paints?

Anyone else get this email from Macphersons?


I wonder how this compares to Baby FX?

If you click on a color and then click on product information you see a list of products available. Their mediums etc. remind me a lot of the MB in how they say you have to prime the vinyl first, then paint, then seal with something else before you varnish. Definitely different from BabyFX.



It’s the same colors as Genesis, but made by the artists that make BabyFX. So like these are the same colors found in genesis heat paints, but air dry instead of cure by baking.

Same colors as Genesis would make life A LOT easier for many people since practically every tutorial written is written for Genesis users.

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In the email it says “easy color conversion–same colors as heat set paints”

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How do you know that it is made by the artists that make BabyFX?

I don’t. It has the FX in it, I assumed that was a signature of the brand.
Maybe RebornFX is a line off of BabyFX?

I agree with Sony72. I do not think there is any associate to BabyFX. They probably used the FX in the name to capture the attention of the BabyFX users who are looking for something else now. JMO.


They have put up a video on the website showing how you can incorporate your other brands of air dry paints with their products. Also below that one how you can use their color conversions with your Genesis tutorials.

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Prices are up! You can buy them now!


@anjsmiles The link doesn’t work. I’m going to wait until they have the sets available to buy. Oh, and I’m not sure where you are looking but on MacP’s, the products aren’t available. They say “Coming Soon” instead of “Coming in January”

Click on any color here to add to your cart

Add mediums to cart here

Ohhh! Not all of the colors are in stock…oops. I looked only looked at ones that weren’t in stock. Ha, of course.
I think I’ll get the full beginner set…and maybe the basic set…Lol, I’m not sure. Any ideas on what to get?

They are working as quickly as they can to get them to market to us. Once I can see what is in the sets I can better tell you which one I would recommend.

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Actually I already made a decision. Thanks though.

I ordered some two nights ago then changed my order the next morning. I was going to buy the 4cc concentrates, but then thought I don’t need anything more in my arsenal to figure out, so i just got a couple of the premix bottles. I didn’t want to pay for all the extras at this point in time. They are not cheap but maybe like Baby Fx they will last a long time to offset the cost up front. The thing that stopped me was the emulsion to mix with the concentrates- 9$ for an ounce. that would be gone in no time…wondering what that stuff really is? I just got a couple flesh layers and wash colors. Thought i could use what i have on hand for detail stuff.Wanted to give it a try though. Keep you posted.

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I just saw the sets today, looks like they are rolling things out one at at time.

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I have received permission from Macpherson’s to say now that I have just begun using these paints. I am liking them so far and have a few comments.

The product line is being made very specific to work well with vinyl and they do include more binders in them for successful adhesion and permanence. Do not assume that just because a certain medium may look and function similar to artist grade mediums we have experimented with before that they are exactly the same. I highly encourage you all to purchase the mediums meant to go with these paints to give them a good try before you make any judgments about how you like the paints. They are also trying to get the products out to us as quickly as they can rather than waiting till everything in the line is in production. So be patient. I suspect there will be some tweaking of things along the way.

I have a baby in progress with the paints that I have been working on and still am not to a place that I am ready to share her with you but that is coming soon. Some things I can say already is I really do like their primer! It is easy to apply, not gritty and not sticky when applied correctly. To apply, I used a damp brush to brush a light layer on and a damp (not wet but squeezed out well) wedge to pounce over it. I let my pieces sit for 30 mins and then started painting. I was told if I planned to use the Open Time Medium in with my paint to extend drying time to let my primer cure for either 1 hour in front of a fan or 2 hours if just air drying. Since I did not get any Open Time Medium in my first order I did not use it and was able to paint just fine after 30 mins dry time. I do have some Open Time Medium on the way to try though. I am not one to need a lot of working time for most things but others of you might so do get it. Also their Open Time Medium is not the same thing as Slow Dry just so you know. I asked. :slight_smile:

To this I would add that the pigments seem very good in strength and are holding their color well for me. They are different from BabyFX in they are thinner but they do state they did not put any thickeners in the paints. They seem to be very pure to me.