RebornFX now has new color matches for some popular BabyFX colors

And so if you have my BabyFX Peachy Baby Color guide you can use these colors with it. Shelle Marie has produced a fabulous looking baby using my tutorial and the new RebornFX color matches.
I copied this from the FB page.

Shelley Marie
Announcing New Colors in Rebornfx paints.
Due to requests from former Babyfx paint users, we decided to produce some comparible pigment colors from the discontinued Babyfx paints into the Rebornfx air dry paint line. This will help reborners who have used or are still using the discontinued Babyfx paints to still have some of their favorite colors available in another air dry paint brand and eliminate the hassle and time consuming task of mixing your own.
I had not tried the Babyfx paints, so I found these new colors interesting to use. The reborn doll picture is one I am currently working on using Angie Jones’s Babyfx Peach Skin Tutorial. I found it easy to substitute the Babyfx colors in the tutorial with the Rebornfx paints.