Reborn with two left arms

I’m new to reborning and am loving it. The thing is that shipping is often takes time and I have to wait about a month until the kits and any reborning equipment arrive.
The thing is, out of the four kits I ordered, two came with two limbs for the same side and none for the other!

The first was from a well-known seller who apologized and promptly sent the missing limb at her expense (only took about two weeks to arrive, that time), and the second is a cheaper kit which I liked and already reborned one of the same model, via China - two left arms and no right one. I’m still waiting for the seller to respond to my email so we’ll see what happens. It’s diappointing to prepare to start on the kit and discover this unexpected ‘surprise’.

I was wondering, is this something that happens often (so far it’s 50% for me… but I’m just starting), and what can I do, if anything, to prevent such mistakes?


I can honestly say I have never had that happen…when I started, I bought from Bountiful Baby and that is a wonderful starting point. They have excellent customer service and the kits are reasonably priced.


It happens sometimes- usually the vendor will send a limb to you. The China ones- not sure on that.

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I’ve ordered over 40 kits and it’s never happened to me.

I’ve ordered about 3-500 and it does happen- I won’t mention which vendors- BB is cool though. I have had everything form bubbles in eyes, black flecks from manufacturer, caved-in heads, and the wrong kit sent.

I’ve never had a kit come that had the wrong limbs. I can’t imagine how this managed to happen to you twice. What a bad deal for you. I think you can probably order with some degree of confidence in the future. As you can see from the comments, this is rare. You do have to look your kits over for problems though. I have had a few of the problems that Kristi mentioned.

Yes usually if they are reputable dealers they may want a photo of the problem and then fix the issue for you.

I’ve been reborning for 6 yrs and have never had that particular issue happen.


This is the time that all Chinese sellers go away for 2 weeks for Chinese New Year celebrations. I am waiting for something and I know my seller will be back on 20th. Just be patient. I found that the Chinese sellers are very eager to fix problems. They are under lot of pressure as people give negative FB if they do not get their item within a week because they do not understand that sometimes it takes several weeks for parcel just to leave China.


The seller did get back to me after I posted here, and she also explained about the holiday - she offered to send replacements after it ends (she said the end of February).
After the initial disappointment about delaying the reborning, I’m sure it will be okay to wait.

Thanks for your input. It’s good to know that limb mix-ups don’t happen very often. I just ordered two kits from BB and the one that arrived is fine.

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