Reborn supplies for sale ( body and kit )

I have 3 different bodies I will not use :
BB # 7542
BB … don’t know the # . Size for 20" baby 3/4 arms with full legs
Machpersons size for 22" baby 3/4 arm with full leg

All 3 for $45 usd shipped

Sky awake second kit SOLD

Take all and will send some Hoenst diapers as well .

Can be a great deal for a Canadian artist as guaranteed no custom fees.

Thanks for looking .


Still avaiable :slight_smile:

Cloth body - still avaiable

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Would you see the 20" 3/4 arm full leg body by itself?
I need one but don’t wanna pay $10 shipping from BB for just the body lol

I am in Canada so I don’t know how much would be the shipping for that 1 item . Made it a bundle so who ever buys makes the shipping worth .

Sent you Pm