Reborn Pregnancy Tests

Hahaha! My curiosity might have gotten then best of me. :wink:

I have seen a lot of people post theirs on FB. It seems like a crazy idea, but whomever thought of it, is making money on them.

LOL!!! Same here!!

LOL. I guess they are laughing all the way to the bank.

So true!

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Seriously??! Sorry, but I think this is just weird. We reborners get enough flak without these over the top items!

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Okay…I had to see it for myself. Yes, there is a video on youtube: How to Make Fake Baby Poo (For Reborns/Silicone dolls). Yes, I watched it…that’s 14 minutes and 2 seconds of my life that I will never get back. :anguished: No, I will not be making baby poo for my reborns.


Hahaha, that’s hysterical! Was it realistic looking? They didn’t make it smell did they? :speak_no_evil: Hahahahaha.

:poop::poop::poop::-1: down with reborn poo!

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Way too realistic looking. I don’t think this had a smell but I feel certain that someone will come up with a way to do that, too! :fearful:

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What?! No link? Just kidding. Haha!!

This whole post is HILARIOUS!!! I had to bump it! Lolol@ reborn poop!

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Ew. Ok. Thats a little out there for me.

For me personally, reborns are amazing works of art that also happen to be adorable and fun to cuddle once in awhile. But I’ve seen some Youtube videos take it to the ‘mommy and baby’ stage. I guess everyone has the right to do what they want, but I find it hard to wrap my mind around. :grin:


Seriously, how does it not stain the cloth body?

I’m almost afraid to ask but I wonder if anyone has posted a reborn nursing video yet?
Maybe its just the drugs I’m taking…pain killers make your mind wander to strange places :anguished: