Reborn or not?

I saw this on Facebook and cannot decide if this is a reborn or a very photoshopped baby. It looks like there’s a kit on the table behind her? What do you think? If she is a reborn, what kit is she?

I say photoshopped baby. If someone was this good at painting, getting the colors perfect, they probably wouldn’t make the eyebrows look like makeup.

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I don’t know about the rest of her but those are definitely fake eyebrows. She looks a lot like Arianna by Reva Schick.

It is photoshop

That’s a real baby

It’s a real baby. She’s been on the Internet for YEARS. Not sure why someone would photoshop her brows :roll_eyes:

It may be one of those apps where you can put filters on your face, so that it looks like make up.
I jokingly use them with friends sometimes, the result can look pretty similar to this.

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She almost looks like a Rivas Schick kit.image

as others said, photoshopped real kid with make up on