Reborn Lilly loo

Reborn Lilly loo born yesterday shes 3/4 lbs


What a cutie! :heart:

So tiny!


She is beautiful, I also love her dress!

Are you meaning she is three-fourths of a pound or three to four pounds? My Lily kit is 20 inches and I am just curious as to how big she will be.

EDITED to say that when I checked, she doesn’t look like my LIlly, and I do see yours is Lilly Loo. So, probably a different doll. :slight_smile:

She’s very cute! And @Jacelyn5440 yes she’s a different doll kit, Lilly Loo is by Marita Winters and is 10 inches long :slight_smile: She’s a very tiny little one

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Sooo tiny and cute!

What a cutie. Great job.

She’s sweet. Did you make her outfit? I love it and it’s a perfect fit.

So cute!

Awww… how sweet. I have the 3 10" babies from Bountiful Baby. They really are tiny. You actually have nice clothing for yours! Mine – I had to modify a crochet pattern to fit one and the other one, I just winged it.

She is really tiny, however I’m not the artist who posted her :slight_smile: Just helping out with the kit name :wink:

Oh, I see. she is still cute anyway. :slight_smile:

No I bought the dress at rose doll show for 12.00

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