Reborn Life Magazine

Have you all heard about Reborn Life Magazine by editor Tonia Engle-Street?

Well, I just ordered it…and I’m looking forward to seeing the contents. If I find it truly useful, I’ll share more details. Shaylen Maxwell is featured in it! As some of you may know I accredited some of my art techniques from her as well as Sue-Ellen Taormina, both are Master Reborn Artist.

Here’s some link regarding the magazine:

Facebook: Redirecting...


Tonia’s video:


I’ve gotten this a couple of times. I love all the reference pictures and good articles!

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Discovery Dolls Magazine has a history but Reborn Life is new…like released January 2021 new.

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Oh! Whoops! You’re right!
Ok now I’ll have to check this out!

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I’d like to buy it but not if it costs another $10 to ship it.


I knew something was missing!!! I completely forgot MacPherson sends you shipping cost in a separate bill. :woman_shrugging:t4: Oh well…it’s already done.

I pre-ordered this through Truborns:) Did it say when yours is shipping?

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I ordered from MacPherson today and the order form doesn’t state “pre-order”, and no status update as of yet.

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Did you buy her a to z classes? I am thinking about it however it’s pretty spendy.

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Yes ma’am I did and it’s been part of my success. I got my basic instruction (foundations) from Sue Ellen!

So did you do both, I am really interested in finding something to help me improve. If you did both which one was your favorite and why?

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I suggest starting Sue Ellen’s tutorial. She lays down the foundation. Then Shaylen’s tutorial for advance courses.

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