Reborn kits

I just noticed yesterday when I was on BB ordering my supplies n kits. I realized what the real born kits are. So because the kits I ordered aren’t realborn, does that mean they will look more like dolls n the realborns will look more like a baby. Am I wasting my money by buying a regular kit. I want a realistic looking reborn. This shyann kit, did turn out the way I like, but that’s ok, but I still love her. Hopefully I can post pictures on Monday of her.

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No that is not what that means. There are a ton of kits out there that are realistic and a few that are dolly looking. The realborns are nice though.


i got scared for a minute. I have 3 regular kits. I’d have still done them. But probably would have switched to realborns after them. Im gonna ordered me a realborn eventually, sooner than I think. :joy:

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Don’t worry. There are so may realistic kits available that were done by sculptors. The realborns are exciting because it is a new process, and they are just precious, but there are so many other kits that are just as realistic and beautiful.
Precious Gift comes out very realistic and Gemma doesn’t look dolly. Avoid the wide eyed kits with no brow ridge to speak of if you don’t want a startled, dolly effect.


Lainey, hailey n Jaun are the kits I ordered.`


Thanks, Lainey, I’m working on him next. He is so adorable to me. :blue_heart::baby_bottle:

I think some of the kits that newbies are drawn to are not necessarily the most realistic looking when done. A good thing to do would be to ask on the forum about a kit that you are interested in before you buy. Just let us know who you are attracted too and ask to see some of the ladies pictures of that doll and you might be surprised at what you will see. Some will look very realistic and others not. You will learn to 'see" in the kit what will look good when reborned verses what won’t look as good. However, we all have very different taste in our babies. Good Luck.