Reborn kit with open toes?

I was wondering if anyone knew of some reborn kits, not just BB kits, that have open toes, and at least a size 1 foot? I would preferably like space between the second and third toes. The feet also need to look realistic. Pictures would be great if you have one, or a link. I have looked on supply sites, and it is hard to tell from photos. But I thought maybe some of you have have a lot of reborn dolls, that you might already know about the toes. I make reborn dolls, but can’t remember all their toes, lol. Thanks!

Bountiful Baby Samantha, Jesse, Heather, and Eliza all have open toes and are 22 inches. Sweet Pea asleep has open toes and is 23 inches. I’m not sure what shoe size they wear.

Corbin’s toes are pretty open too. He makes about a 20 incher.

tracy sculpt

I am curious as to why the space between the second and third toe is especially important?
I understand liking the open toes (all) because I like them too, and when it’s the space between the first and second that is important, I think sandals.
Just curious and hoping I’ll learn something. Thanks!
I’m sorry I can’t help with your question.