Reborn Guilds

Are you member of Reborn Guild? This lady seems to be a member of number of them - scroll down past her baby photos, but when I tried to google them I cannot find any info about them.

link to listing

I googled a couple of them. One was a forum, and the other seemed pretty legit. Those were the only ones I looked up.

My post disappeared or else i posted it to the wrong discussion. What I said was that I googled a couple. One was just a forum and one seemed legit.

Your first post shows up for me!

So now it’s up twice? Phooey.


Most are forums - I don’t think all of them are active any more.


Pia is right…alot of them are no longer in existence…


I just wonder if any are legit. Some years ago myself & members of another forum tried to join some of these guilds she had on her listings; they were either non existent, or it transpired that she was the founder and only member giving herself awards LOL.

Most of those just say she is a user or member and really don’t mean any thing…It’s sort of like me saying I am a member of Woolies Flyby program or I am a user or member of BB Doll forum…it doesn’t mean I am a great reborn artist…hahahaha! I know who you are talking about…Hmmmmm we’ll just leave it at that…:wink: