Reborn fx over Genesis?

My absolute favorite doll is painted with Genesis and the paint is rubbing off on her lip. I believe it’s from her pacifier as she takes a full one. I was just wondering if it would be ok to touch up her lips and re gloss them with Rebornfx products? It’s all I have and I would rather not send her away to get fixed. If needed I can post a picture. I’m not gonna say the artist as it’s not her fault. I believe it’s just from her paci rubbing. Thanks in advance! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m sure that would be fine but you might want to switch to a magnetic paci so it doesn’t happen again.

RebornFX works over Genesis just fine. I have done it many times. Make sure the old varnish is removed first. Usually you can do this with some rubbing alcohol on a qtip. You may lose a little Genesis paint in the process but if you are repainting no matter. The alcohol will ensure the surface is clean and free of oils. It would be best to prime the surface with some air dry primer first but if you do not have any just proceed with painting the lips. You can use the paint straight from the bottle to get the highest concentration of binders without having to buy other products for this touch up. However, once you load your brush you will want to blot it off on a styrofoam or glass plate til you just have a light load of paint on it. Then paint the lips in more of a “staining” manner. You can force dry that with a hair dryer if you want to but it will dry pretty fast. Make sure to wait until it is dry to the touch before applying the next layer. Build your layers until you have the color you want. Less is more in each layer. When done, let it sit over night then seal it. I have found the best product for me for sealing lips is Delta Ceramcoat All Purpose Sealer. It stays on very well and leaves only a light sheen. If I want more sheen, then I apply as satin sealer over the top of that. The Delta helps the Satin and gloss sealers not to peel off. If you buy the Delta, you can actually use it to prime the lips before painting them as well. I wouldn’t use it on a whole doll due to the sheen but on the lips it works fine. I have done that too. Lastly, I highly recommend only the Delta Ceramoat All Purpose Sealer. Other brands I have tried do not work as well for me.


Does the Ceramcoat hold up well to baking? Or should it be the done after all baking is finished?

It is better to apply it after baking but I have baked it when I needed to go back and fix something and had no issues.

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Ok, thank you!!