Reborn for a 5 year old

So I want to make my little cousin a simple reborn as she adores mine and is so gentle with them.
I was wondering if you all had any recommendations for kits. It’ll either be bald or have painted hair so I’m looking for a good baldie that is 19 inches or less (preferably less). Add some pictures, if you have them, please

Before you say it, I know there’s is a potential that he/she will be ruined but when I asked what she wanted from my family for her birthday, this was all she asked for.


I recently did an Elsie as a birthday present for a 3 year old. She turned out cute! She’s 18 inches and I weighted her lightly. I gave her combi hair. Here are a few pics.


Smaller babies are best for kids. They are easier and more enjoyable for them to hold and cuddle with. Megan, Texan, Kaelin or Kadence would be perfect. Any smaller and it’s harder to find clothes for them.

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I just made Blinkin for my daughters 3rd Birthday. She doesn’t need to be weighted and she’s a full body. Excuse the fluffy hair, my Bella likes to brush her hair lol.


She looks really sweet. I really like your version of her

I was actually thinking of going for an 18 inch sculpt because preemie clothes aren’t really widely accessible in Australia


That is a very cute blinkin. The kit just always looks sad to me. That head of hair though! Is that a wig or rooted?

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Thanks. It’s rooted. :blush:

Lightly weighted, no lashes, well sealed. Meagan makes an awesome baby, but she would need preemie clothes but some newborn sizes do fit her.

I think it wonderful that your making her her very own baby. I think it teaches little girls to be moms. Few little girls play with dolls anymore and few young women want to be moms now. It’s sad. They can have babies but give them away or kill them. Ladies that want children and would be great moms can’t have them. In teaching her to be very gentle with her baby it’s teaching her to be a good mom. I made my granddaughter one Nikki made the other one hers. They love their babies and are very careful with other kids handling their babies. The one thing I would suggest is don’t weigh the baby at all stuff it. It’s very heavy for little girls if you weight it even a little. There are many cheap nice kits at BB. Great gift.

Premier clothes are hard to find.

Punkin and Dumplin are the ones I have done for children.Very light with poly-fil stuffing and either bald or painted/prisma hair.I used the pacifiers with the magnet sealed inside for safety. Honeybug pacifiers are great and I glued them shut for safety.

Just a warning, I made my cousin a prepainted kit for Xmas. I still put a lot of effort into it. Went over to her house and it was thrown on the floor and had a bit bit of marker on it–fortunately it came off. Even after i expressed to her how special and delicate it was. I was furious and so glad I didn’t go all out and make her a complete kit. Then again I should of known better and expected this. It depends on how they are raised and if they are taught to respect things. This was a test and she failed. I’m sure your experience will be much better.

My granddaughter was given her 1st reborn before she was born LOL
Her name is Zulu Lulu and she has been played with from the time she could grab her; at first she did drag her around a bit by her hair, but even now almost 7 years later there is no problem with the paint, although the mohair is bit thinner than it was originally. My granddaughter also has others and plays with my keepers, all stood up well to being cuddled and touched.

The black curly mohair is quite stiff and did not tangle as some finer one would; now I would only do painted hair for children. Here is another one that my granddaughter plays with a lot; it’s bit shiny but it is a cheap kit and was always shiny.


I made a Morgan sculpt for a younger child and she looks very pretty with and without hair. She is a smaller baby at about 18 or 19 inches


All of your examples are open eyed kits. Do you recommend open eyes reborns for kids? Or is it just personal preference?

Now that you mention it, yes, all the dolls I made for my granddaughter have opened eyes. But then again, the open eyes were my preference for a long time, and the only 2 keepers with closed eyes I have are Meg and Lilian. But now I like sleepers because their eyelashes are so easy to root.

Sarah is kind of small and is sleeping but I think she is a 19 inch but seems tiny


I forgot about Lane , Liam and Leah. I painted hair and left one bald and rooted the other. All small babies