Reborn eye questions

I am working on my first open eyed baby. I’m not sure what I’m looking for once the eyes are in to know if they fit properly. Tink wears 18mm but I put in 20mm half round glass eyes. I bought both sizes in round and half, and also in two colors.
Do the 20mm look ok and look like they fit like they are supposed to? I honestly don’t what I’m looking for so opinions are appreciated. I’m trying to avoid taking them in and out by trying different ones on because I don’t want to stretch out the eye or risk tearing the back more. Her head is so small the eyes were so hard to put in!

Second question: I put a small slit in the back of the eye to insert them. Do I just glue the back of the eye shut to hold them in? Or does the eye itself require some sort of glue?


I used 20 mm in my Tink and they look good. But mine were half rounds. And you just glue the flap to hold them in :slight_smile: Yours look good too, I love the way you painted her!

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Thank you. I actually seen a comment you wrote somewhere about using the 20mm on Tink and that’s why I went with the 20. Lol.

I’m not feeling confident with this whole eye situation lol. I guess after a few I’ll get used to it. I will say that now that she has eyes, I’m feeling a bond coming on lol.

I think she tends to look scared sometimes with the 18mm, I really do like the 20mm even if they’re a pain to get in lol
Eyes suck lol I don’t love open eyed babies as much. I tend to put the eyes in every few layers while I’m painting to get an idea of how the baby looks. I also never bond with them, so maybe that wouldn’t be helpful for you lol


I tend to bond even with blank kits! Lol. Tink who started out as one of my dream kits is growing on me slowly. It has to be the open eyes messing with me. I think seeing the blank kit with no eyes messes with me. Lol. Idk.

I don’t like seeing them without eyes either, I have no “vision” for what I want them to look like.

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It may be the picture but it appears that there is a gap in the corner of the eye. The glass eyes tend to be larger so you may have a hard time getting it to fit. You might have to use the 18’s or they won’t set right.

Yes, there is a gap and that was concerning me. I didn’t know if it was normal or not. Let me try the 18mm full round and see what happens.

Im working on Tutti right now and I really don’t like to use the full round glass eyes because they are so fragile but she won’t take anything else. I bought the flat backs in 24 and they just wobble around in there. I have the glue from MacPhersons though so even if I cut the flap off completely in the back I can still glue the eye in. Ill just have to put extra bubble wrap around the head when I ship her like I do when I use the blown glass and then stress out until the baby arrives :wink:

This is Tink with full round plastic eyes. I find they leave more of a gap and don’t look right?

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That looks like a bigger gap to me. Let me check mine and see if he has a gap too

So with 20mm half round acrylic eyes mine has no gap. The eyes in mine are super snug

The one on the right is oval 20mm and the one on the left oval 18mm. I definitely think the 20mm oval are a better fit.

(I meant oval and half round above. Not half round and full round.)

The half round 20mm won’t even let the back close. It sticks out.

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the grey one is 20mm and the brown is 18mm. Lord, this is getting confusing. Haha.

If the flap won’t close then you glue it to the back of the eye. Or you could probably use fabric to back it. I don’t think mine closed with the 20mm either

Ok. This is 20mm oval and 20mm half round. The half round definitely fits tighter.


I just sent that picture to my doctor by accident! :joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t2:


I think the round 20mm looks better for sure, it looks like a better fit
OMG that’s so funny! Maybe he/she’ll send you eye advice :rofl:

I like the 20mm half round

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