Reborn Doll Shop Scam

I purchased from this website yesterday only to find out from this forum that it was a scam. They make you purchase through paypal. I did pay through there through my bank. Has anyone had any success getting a refund from paypal? What is my best option? Any tips or help greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


I know some have, some havent…

Where you just ordered they might. I would call them.

There are soooo many scams right now… :frowning:

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A lady that I was texting with yesterday had the same problem.

The first pic is what she wanted and the second pic is what they sent her. Probably a stolen photo from another artist. So sad.


They are all stolen pictures and videos. They are paying to put ads on Facebook, Instagram and google

It’s a shame what they’re doing to unsuspecting people who just want a nice baby for Christmas.