Reborn Class Information!

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To sign up and for more class information click the link above

I am hosting a Reborn Class in July in the Atlanta area. This class is open to ALL Reborners including beginners and advanced artsts. We will be learning advanced newborn painting techniques. Please click on the link below for more details and to book your spot. Breakfast is provided by the hotel (hot breakfast including eggs, bacon, waffles, biscuits etc) I will be providing lunch Baked Ziti, salad, drinks and bread and butter one day and the next day a Honey baked ham, mashed potatos and corn. If you sign up and have special food needs please let me know ahead of time to accomodate you. The hotel also offers a free cocktail hour with free mixed drinks, beer, wine and some food ( baked potatos, with fixings, chicken nuggets, salads, nachos, hot dogs, non alcoholic drinks are available also. As well as learning from Lara, I am hoping to have a photographer come in to teach us some photography skills, there will be a baby shower, you will receive a custom onesie with the Atlanta 2013 Reborn Class Graduate or something to that effect on it, Feel free to bring trade babies, trade items and babies perhaps to sell. ( I say perhaps to sell simply becacuse I don’t want to guranatee you any sales lol) If you live in the Birmingham , Alabama area and need a ride. Please contact me. I can bring 3 more in the truck or 2 more in the car.

Sounds like fun- too bad I’m over in Washington

I wish those things happened closer to me.

I wish I was closer. It sounds like so much fun.

Too far for me too. If I go to Atlanta, I’d be wanting to see family instead. I’m still debating the down east doll show and it’s less than 4 hours away.

— Begin quote from “Debora Jenkins”

I wish those things happened closer to me.

— End quote

ME TOO!! NOTHING like this EVER happens close enough for me to go to :confused: I WOULD LOVE IT!! however, I just wanted to say, I think it’s awesome that your providing food and everything like that!! Cooking that much is a big deal especially when you have all that other stuff (classes and such) to be head of too!! Kudos to you!!

Oh I wish you guys were closer and could come. I have convinced hubby to do all of the cooking and catering lol so I will be staying at the hotel thursday and Friday checking out saturday and he will drive in each day to feed us lunch. Now do I have a good hubby or what lol. Just went shopping for some baby shower items! I am so excited. I will most likely go way over board but in 7 years this is only the second time I get to do something like this lol.