Reborn body patterns

I’m really tired of the ‘football player shoulder’ effect that I’m getting with BB bodies, and I want to explore the option of making my own. I’m not the most skilled sewer in the world, but I can read and follow directions with the best of them, and since I’ve been modifying BB bodies all along, I feel like I’ve got the general idea at this point. Just wanted to know where you all get your body patterns (links would be much appreciated if you have them).

I’m absolutely positive this topic has come up before, but I can’t seem to find a thread.


Chelle’s bodies are the best - stay on, and I’ll find the link. HERE IT IS: … tterns.htm

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I get my bodies from Carmen ( … odies.html). I think she uses mostly chelle’s patterns. Carmen adjusts the pattern to how I like it and has a range of fabrics and colors for ethnic babies. I love the white ones I’ve gotten from her so the baby looks like it is already dressed. I hate the bulging, bulging tummy look so usually get her to slim them down some. That way I can add a diaper or undershirt and not have a baby that looks like a starvation victim with a huge belly. She adds little touch like tushy gathers if you want them too. It’s easier and cheaper for me than trying to get the patterns, materials, thread, joints and less hassle too!

Thanks, Ginnylee. Just got a load of patterns from Chelle, and I’m really looking forward to getting down to business. I think it will be a heck of a lot easier to start from scratch, rather than attempting to modify a previously made body.

Thanks djjessie228 for the resource. If I can’t manage on my own, I’ll definitely be knocking on Carmen’s door (figuratively speaking)!

I know you’ll like them…I’ve even used white cotton when I first made them, just to get used to the patterns. They are the same patterns that Carmen uses.