Reborn Bingo...Let's Play!

Here’s mine!
I have owned a fantasy doll and a toddler but have sold them now.
I own a silicone baby, but it’s not painted yet…Lol

Here’s the blank! Your turn!


How do you mark it?

Download the image and edit it. You can edit in “Paint” or just by editing the photo.

only thing I could not mark off is. Own a fantasy reborn, been scammed, own a child size doll and own a silicone. I have done all the others.

Well, I just realized none of my keepers have open eyes. :joy:

Double Bingo!! I got lucky by having made a friend that also has reborn dolls, otherwise I wouldn’t have had anything!

I can’t get the photo to download :confounded:

Who is you reborn friend??? :wink:

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Never Been Scammed Thank God!
Don’t have Combo Hair Baby
Will go to my first show next year!
Don’t own a fantasy reborn
Don’t have an Animal reborn


I’ve definitely reborned around 10 dolls, but I don’t think I quite own 10 myself.

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