Reborn baby body sizes

Took bodies out of package, how Can i check them for size the size ?

On bountiful baby’s website, when you click on a body, it gives a length measurement from neck to crotch that should give you a pretty good idea of which doll it will suit.


Thank you so much , i alway use Bountiful Baby bodies. This will help me to get the right size. Sharons 74

Wow! I didn’t know that! I guess I just always go with recommended body and don’t read the text :wink:

When I order bodies I pin a small piece of paper, with the size on it, to them before I store them. I’ve made the mistake of just putting them away without marking them and then spent a lot of time trying to figure out what size they were.


This is so smart!! I always end up with a stash of random bodies and never remember which is for who :laughing:

Mine have stayed in the plastic bag they come in. It has the number on the bag. I guess I could use a marker and write the number in case the tag came off.

Thank you all for replying from now on i will make sure and put size on bodies with a paper and pin.