Reasonable Expectation of Wear and Tear?

What is a realistic expectation for the wear and tear on Reborns? I twice seal and then matte my babies, so I feel that they are durable…but for those customers that play with their dolls - change them almost every day, take them places, etc. what should they expect in regards to how the paint holds up? I never want paint rubbing off to be considered a defect, but am I doing everything I can on my end to give the paint the “lifespan” it should have? I use Americana varnish twice and then a matte sealant on top of those layers…everything is allowed to dry 48 hours between layers. I use high end air dry paints.

I want to best educated my customers about how they should care for their babies, but is there anything I can do to better things if customers prefer to really handle their babies?


I personally believe when a customer chooses to handle their babies frequently (not the occasional changing of clothes and pics) they are taking a risk. These babies are not intended for play, but rather they are art pieces. These are my thoughts, but maybe other more experienced selling artists could weigh in on their thoughts…


My fam knows not to handle the babies for a month. I handle my dolls a lot. I do have to re matte them the only one that paint has come off is Marcus because he was painted and re painted by three of us. Pretty sure it was Genesis and I put Air Dry over it. Maybe we need to send a Varnish formula and how too apply to those wanting to change their babies a lot.

I do recommend putting plastic on the hand feet and head every time you change the baby. Good Luck!


I have a tink that I bought in 2018. I have changed her hundreds of times and take her everywhere with me. There have been no areas where her paint has completely rubbed off. Some areas where the top layer may be gone, but still in great condition.

I think it all depends on the materials and how they’re applied. I think it is absolutely possible to have a doll that lasts for years, even with lots of handing.

Most of what you see is glare. The only ‘serious’ rub is a tiny spot on the knuckle of one pointer finger


Yep! Glad I know what to do. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I agree… it is the buyer’s responsibility to take care of the doll and learn about revarnishing. Especially if they are going to handle it a lot.

I have dolls out there from years ago that still look good, then there are some who have gone shiny in a year. I use the same materials.


THIS!! I so agree!


After my post above, I also wanted to agree that it is absolutely the buyers responsibility to take good care of the doll. I offer touch ups on my dolls for a year (if the damage is not purposely caused) but I don’t get a ton of sales, so I have the time and space to do this. After the year, the buyer is on their own

I have a disclaimer on my website:

What About Repairs On A Doll Purchased From Angie’s Lil Dumplins Nursery? I do not and cannot guarantee the paint finish of any reborn doll purchased for any type play or role play and comfort therapy. Reborn doll paints of ALL types will chip and rub off from play. There is no way to prevent that when you give a doll to someone to play with. “Play” is anything that goes beyond occasional dressing of the doll and display. Reborn dolls are works of art that are meant to be displayed and gently cuddled. They are not designed to withstand many acts of role play and child’s play that often occurs by their owners. That is not to say a person can not enjoy a doll however they please. Just understand that the seller is not responsible for any wear and tear that may result from frequent handling, role playing or letting your child play with a reborn doll. No matter how gentle you think you or your child may be. The paint finishes can go shiny over time and possibly even wear off when exposed to much handling, clothing changes, cuddling etc. It is my policy that such repairs needed for dolls purchased from me are to be done at the customer’s expense. Customer will pay for the cost of supplies, nursery hours, shipping etc. Some things cannot be repaired and I will tell you if I feel that is the case. Sometimes the best option is to purchase a new doll. I also do not smoke and I am highly sensitive to smoke thus I will not repair a doll that comes from a smoker’s home.


I use to have care instructions on my website but I counted how many times people went to the instructions link, and guess what? in three years, only two visitors to that page. I deleted it. I know in the old days people use to print little instruction books. I think with You Tube people can find instructions easily.

Babies are gonna get shiny eventually, Nail tips, and lips. People kiss babies a lot, and change clothes frequently, I think normal wear and tear is just what they need to expect. These are easy fixes. You can walk them through it. When I am back on You Tube I can make a spa day video that you can send a link to.

You might want to be sure to put in the description, “this is an art doll and not intended to be a plaything, please use care when dressing and grooming baby, seller not responsible for normal wear and tear”. Maybe something more elegant and less creepy, I was at a loss for the right words.

I think its common sense but honestly people don’t really seem to pay attention.

I am being mean today.


People in the reborn community know pretty much everything there is to know about the care and responsibility of owning an art doll-----BUT-------it’s the “Outsiders” that see this gorgeous realistic ‘baby’ that doesn’t have a clue. All they see is this amazing work of art that they want to hold, cuddle, change and just in general treat like a real live baby. I don’t think it would matter what kind of instructions you include with the purchase they are going to do all these things anyway and possibly end up with a somewhat damaged baby. I don’t think it should be the responsibility of the artist to continually repair a doll that has been “very well loved”. JMO


I have mine printed in the take home packet that goes home with baby too. It is not my fault if they don’t read it but at least I have myself covered that it was part of the instructions. So if they come back wanting repairs I can refer them to why I will charge for it.


I have a fairly thorough care sheet I send with mine. I collected info for it from other artists when I was a new at reborning. I feel that perhaps having the instructions sent to them will make them think and also know that an artist is not legally bound to repair it when they play with it or give it to a child.

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Great idea! Can’t wait for that.

I send a care sheet with mine, I also send a pair of white cotton gloves for handling the baby, it’s up to them if they read it or use the gloves but at least I know I have done all I can and the rest is down to them.

Most of my customers are regulars in the Facebook groups and often post photos of their dolls so I can see if they are collectors who display them or role play with them, if I sold a doll and paint rubbed off it when it had been displayed and occasionally changed then I would fix it for free but if it was down to excessive dressing and role playing then I would charge them.