Really unique babies (not alternatives)

I am looking for you favorite unique babies. Those that really stand out as looking very different from the rest - the Saskias, the Sansas, the Jocys. While I love the Realborns and the consistent quality of BB kits in general, I feel like they all kind of look the same; they could be “anybaby”. Please include pictures. These can be current kits or SOLE.


This is my all time favorite (besides Romie Strydom silicones). She’s Bibo by Luciana Miglioranzi. I guess she’s not that unique but I really love her. She was my first keeper.



@Peachtree I am with you. I love the unique looking babes. They really get my attention. This is one I’ve loved for a long time…


You mean kits with unique features? I love little Karlos Gall. His limbs aren’t that detailed, and the vinyl is a bit thing in some areas, though. But his little lopsided smile is just so sweet.
Here’s my WIP


I’ve stared at that sweet face so many times! I should get him one day.

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@EnchantedOrphanage He is on my must have list for when I get good enough!

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Yours is really cute.

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Omg, how cute. Im new to reborns so I dont know alot of the older kits.

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@Rosa05 I’m super partial to the older kits. I started looking at reborns years ago, so they are what got me into it. I could show you Soooooo many cute ones! Look at the Adrie Stoete & Romie Strydom kits…

Will do :wink:

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He is too cute. He is exactly what I am looking for. I am new to the reborn world, so I love seeing older kits.

Sydney, an older kit by Adrie Stoete is one of my favorite unique faces. She is one of my keeper babies. I named her Quinn.


OMG @jubileej!!! I love her too. There is something about Adrie kits. Your girl is so sweet!

Thank you Shara!

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Something about her face reminds me of Boo from monsters inc. Or Agnes from Dispicable me.
In a good way of course. She’s precious

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He’s been around for a while. I remember seeing him when I first started reborning. He’s a limited edition, though. Somehow not that many people snapped him up because he’s been around for years.

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I’m hoping I can get my hands on him relatively easy. There’s just something about him. :blush:

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My little Huti baby NoNo. She’s not assembled yet. Just stuffed and fluffed. I need to adjust her skin tones.



@DancesWithDolls Has several unique ones she is a super fan of Huti babies.

I like quirky looking babies and Sandy by Sheila Michael was one of my favorites…

I also really loved Tessa by Sebila Bos.

And Luka by Rachel Maynard

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