Really pretty little doll

La Newborn by Berenguer, you can take them apart and use a cloth body or put them back together with the vinyl body. the one with the little smile is adorable. I’ve made a lot of them for kids.

I’ve got a 18 month old granddaughter so I’m already searching. My mom always said that little girls like big (lifesize) babies and older girls like smaller dolls ( they downsize to barbies). And after having a daughter that was doll crazy I found out that was true. I’m thinking more in terms of 18-20" when she is old enough. A lot depends on what you are looking for in a doll and the price you want to spend. Do you want to reborn a baby doll that you like the face of or are you set on a kit? I plan on making a set of twins from Blinkin since I like the girl/boy twin idea unless I break down and get twins from the Bitty collection. But also thinking that Dumplin or Elise would make a first “reborn” since they are small enough to handle but big enough to seem real. Another thing is that as they reach the 4-5 age range, doll strollers are too short so I switched my older daughter’s dolls to an umbrella stroller. A more lifesize doll fits better. Guess you can tell I’m spending hours thinking about this! So far, I’ve given her too many dolls but she is going from the infant stage dolls to Staci to Little mommy dolls. Time flies so I’m trying to get a headstart!

Are you going to give her painted hair, root her or leave her bald? That is one thing I’m debating. I hate the way used bitty babies look in the photos on ebay - which is why I decided not to get her one of those. All the painted hair is scratched or rubbed off. You’d think by now they would have fixed the problem. As for reborning Catherine a baby, I’ve debated on adding a wig since it would be more durable. I should test paint hair and see how long it takes me to wear it off!