Realborn (TM) "Owen Asleep" Prototype by Marie

Thoughts? Yes? No? Maybe? Looks like a girl to me. LOL!


I Love this little one, the little lips are so adorable.



In case you don’t feel like reading the whole auction, he’s 19/20 inches LOL

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He’s adorable! I don’t like the music in the auction, though.


I really like this one!

He’s beautiful. I hope you have a reserve, cause I’d hate for you to sell him for the current bid.

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Oh my goodness, I LOVE him! What a cutie…just darling!

I didn’t do him. The proto artist is in France LOL :smile:

Looks like you could pair Owen with Asher and have a cute set of boy/girl twinnies! Just give Asher the boy plate and let Owen be a Gwen or something LOL


Omg he looks so REAL. I swear the auction thumbnail I thought was the real Owen!!

Oh wow!!! I love him. His little lips. Okay him and Kimberly are on my to get list.

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Wow! I love this little fella! Now i told myself id “ease” back into this hobby but there is no way. I neeeeeeed this kit. So cute!!!

:frowning: They haven’t added him to the OUT OF STOCK KITS list, so who knows when he’ll be available.

I think most of the new Realborns will be coming December.

Such a cutie!! Will definitely be getting one!!

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I’m really eager to see the awake version. :smiley:

I hadn’t seen this one before, he looks perfect :heart:

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I am looking for a sponsor who can buy me at list 2-3 kits each month LOL :smile:


He is a very sweet and realistic little fellow who screams cuddle me…!!.:slight_smile: