Realborn seconds?

I was just wondering if there are going to be any seconds of these more expensive kits. I would love to have one to reborn, but cant handle the price. I am sure they are worth it, but i just cant afford that right now, UGH!

We had this discussion here before.

I like the Realborn kits and think they are worth their price. They are still more reasonable than most ltd. ed. kits on the market today. However, if they ever start offering them as 2nds I for one will never buy another Realborn ltd. Ed. kit because that would defeat the whole purpose of Ltd. Ed. Kits IMO.


I agree, they are worth the price. I so enjoyed reborning my first one and have two more coming. But I also am like @lyssa1974 and have a hard time spending this much on a kit (stay at home mom and all). I got the first kit by making a kit trade and the second two I am getting by trading one of my reborns. Sometimes we have to find creative ways to get the LE kits. I haven’t done many Limited Edition kits, but I can say that my Presley Awake has been my favorite.

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