Realborn Sale!

Realborn Sale!

All Bountiful Baby Realborn Kits are ON SALE at 50% OFF!

This sale began on Wednesday at 6:00 PM MST and will continue for about 14 hours.

Bountiful Baby


I ordered 3 of those before this sale! :see_no_evil::anguished:

I was going to buy some this morning first thing. I spent the night at the hospital with my brother who was having surgery at 7 am. Surely in a hospital they wake you up you can’t sleep right. They came in at 6 am with a bed to take him to surgery waking us both up. Fastest I’ve ever dressed. I forgot all about dolls with everything going on.

i missed it to didnt look at email until tonight waaahhhhh

@RebornArtistMandi Been there many times :frowning:
I love BB sales, but they also stress me out rushing.

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