Realborn raving!

What can I say?


The details are amazing. They’re beautiful to work with, and create stunning babies. If you haven’t tried one yet, believe me, you’re depriving yourself of a cathartic experience!


I am so so in love with Realborn babies!
I can wait for my summer rain to come in Friday!! I’ve been waiting for her since she was first released


It is so much fun creating them

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Your Kase is beautifully painted

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I am in love with Realborn Kimberly!! I’ve painted 3 so far of her!!


Thank you!

Aren’t they just gorgeous?

Suprises me how they can be just ok then get hair and lashes on and so so cute!!!


I’m doing her right now. Wasn’t sure about her at first, but she is growing on me. My favorite is the Isaac kit. I have to get another one, I just sold mine and I said I wasn’t going to.

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I just broke down and ordered 3 Clyde awakes for myself and friends. Lol, one of whom gets on here just to read since she doesn’t reborn so guess I am spoiling her Christmas surprise! Going to give one to a neighbor and teach her how to reborn. Maybe that will get me motivated more! Plus she likes thrift stores so getting baby clothes for dollies and grandson to come. Six weeks to go!!!


I bought 4 sleeping Realborn Clydes for friends to do at our next play date!