Realborn Patience awake, kit of the day

If anyone is interested in her.


I just bought her the other day To donate to child with Down syndrome just waiting for kit to arrive but it all good just happy I was able to get her still even though paid full price

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I know, I hate when that happens. But, that’s sweet of you to do that.


I like to donate when I can it makes me feel good

Realborn autumn is being donated to cps for child

Puddin I just finished is going to friend daughter who wants a doll with mouth to take pacifier without magnet cause medical reasons

Patience for this little girl with Down syndrome will make her so happy I don’t know her in person but to put smile on her face will be worth it


God bless you!


@Msmimi04 God Bless you and Thank you very much for posting this! I’ve been waiting to buy this doll when I could afford it because she looks just like my Aunt Cathy who passed away before I was born (she was only 11). This was the first Downs Syndrome baby I saw that actually looked exactly like her. I was hoping she would last and they wouldn’t discontinue her til after I got Christmas money to buy her. I got her on sale now though and I’m extremely happy! :revolving_hearts::blush::revolving_hearts:

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Thank you. I’m happy to hear you were able to get her. Glad, I could be of help. So sorry about your aunt. Looking forward to seeing your version of patience.

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